Socially by EJ

I'm a Trini woman living in a small vacation-town. I help Gen-X'ers and Boomers manage their online presence by providing done-for-you content creation, and management services.Welcome to SociallybyEJ, where content creation meets core values. Here, I believe in putting people first—helping you achieve profitable growth without compromising your well-being or that of your team, and always, being GENUINE.My guiding principles are simple yet powerful:1. People Over Profits: I prioritize relationships and results. Yes, I aim for profit, but not at the cost of our human connections.
2. Evergreen Sustainability: I focus on sustainable strategies that keep giving back. This means you’ll spend less time in perpetual launch mode and more time enjoying the fruits of your labor.
3. Passion for Genius Zones: I thrive by working within our areas of expertise and encouraging you to do the same. This approach ensures that passion drives every project, guaranteeing better outcomes for all.

Content Creation


The most popular option, and it is ideal for those with a treasure trove of content waiting to be polished, organized, and scheduled for the entire month.THIS OPTION INCLUDES:A full month's worth of content, meticulously edited and prepared for publishing.
Captions & Hashtags: Every post is enhanced with engaging captions and strategic hashtags to maximize your reach.
Easy Content Submission: Simply upload your content to Google Drive, and we handle the rest.Please note, this package focuses on content PREPARATION and does NOT include ongoing management services.INVESTMENT: $650/month

content creation

Content Creation

You require assistance in creating content, or knowing just want to create.THIS OPTION INCLUDES:• Custom Content Creation: tailored blog posts, social media updates, and videos that fit your voice & goals.• Content Strategy Planning: A plan that outlines what type of content to produce, when to publish, and on which platforms to maximize reach and engagement.• Support and Consultation: Ongoing assistance to answer questions, provide feedback on content, and help refine strategies to ensure continued success and growth.INVESTMENT: $700/month

content HUB

The Asset Studio

A content hub for businesses or individuals who require small-town content.THIS PACKAGE INCLUDES:
* Curated images of small-town charm
* Videos
* Faceless content
INVESTMENT: $20/monthDue to the nature of the service, refunds are not possible. You can however cancel up to the day before you're schedule to renew.